Indelible Marks Series (Sidewalk Drawings)

Selected sidewalk portraits of chalk & glitter within a public environment.

The Indelible Marks Series focuses on exploring my own personal associations and relationships together with the concepts of remembrance, nostalgia, and time.  In this series, I am creating portraits of the creative individuals I have known through the years with simple, non-permanent materials within a public environment.  The purpose is to construct visual anecdotes which comment on my own personal experiences - the vividness of an experience with an individual paired with the fading, temporal memory remembered years later.
Drawing outside on cement with delicate materials such as chalk, goldleaf and common glitter is, within itself, a temporary endeavor.  The finished drawings are allowed to fade away over time due to environmental causes like wind and rain.  They also gradually grow fainter because of unintended cultural and social effects within that area such as the random traffic of pedestrians and vehicles, or even malicious vandalism.  Regardless of the reason, the drawings never fade completely away; weeks later a faint after-image still remains, just as my memories are of time and experiences shared with these individuals.


colored chalk & glitter
4 1/2ft x 14ft (1.37m x 4.26m)


"College Man"

chalk & glitter
12ft x 10ft (3.65m x 3.04m)

"Prof. Mickey"

chalk & glitter
10ft x 8ft (3.04m x 2.43m)


"Flesh & Bones"

colored chalk
6ft x 10ft (1.82m x 3.04m)

Public Installation 
Kfar Smaryahu - Herzliya, ISRAEL